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Data, Tools, and Resources from Mekong Partners

The Mekong Water Data Platform (MWDP) is a collaborative effort of Mekong stakeholders and global partners to promote the sustainable management of the Mekong River basin and the wellbeing of its people.  This page includes a growing catalogue of resources (e.g., data, models, analyses, and expert services) available from MWDP collaborators.  This list is being updated regularly.   We kindly ask for your contribution as well!  Those who wish to link or share their resources with the Mekong community may do so HERE.

Asian Development Bank

Reports on water security in Asia and the Pacific

Tool for coastal wetland planning, protection, and restoration

Coastwide Reference Monitoring System


Forecasting and time-series data analysis tools

Everglades Depth Estimation Network

USGS network of hydrologic data in the Everglades region


Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs

Blue Map provides water and air quality data 


Water use and Nexus opportunities in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam

Marine Debris Tracker

Citizen science movement to track marine debris


National Centers for Environmental Information integrated portal

Riverware - CADSWES

River system modeling tool


South Florida integrated information access


FRIEND-Water: Flow Regimes from International Experimental & Network Data


Water and Agriculture Information Center (WAIC)

World Meteorological Organization

Datasets and guidelines for severe weather and extreme events

Australian eWater

eWater Toolkit: resources for land and water management

Conservation International

Freshwater Health Index (FHI): measurement of watershed health


Data analysis and simulation tools for river basins and coastal regions


WaPOR: Database to monitor agricultural water productivity

Institute of Technology Cambodia

Research from the Faculty of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering


Reports and projects on water resources management in Southeast Asia

Mekong River Commission

Inter-governmental collaboration for the sustainable development of the Mekong

Open Data Cube

Open source geospatial data management and analysis software

SDC/Economist Intelligence Unit

The Blue Peace Index is an indicator of shared water resources management

Thai Hydro-Informatics Institute

Water informatics research & development

US Bureau of Reclamation

Reclamation data and tools

Vietnam National Center for Water Resources Planning & Investigation

Water monitoring, research, and planning


Water management partnerships, resources, and best practices 

CSIRO - Source

Publicly available data analysis software

East-West Management, Inc.

Open Development Mekong collects development data from the region

GLOBE Visualization System

Interactive online geospatial tool for GLOBE science data visualization

International Water Management Institute

Water Data Portal: spatial and non-spatial water and agriculture data

K - Water

Integrated water resources management services


Tools to access, retrieve, and reformat NASA weather and climate data

Renewable Energy Data Explorer

Geospatial tool to inform renewable energy investment and deployment


Decision-support tools for sustainable Mekong management

Thai Office of National Water Resources

Thailand's main water resources management agency

US Government Open Data Portal

Tools and resources for data analysis and visualization

The World Bank

Projects and reports on water resources management

World Wildlife Fund

HydroSHEDS: Regional and global-scale hydrologic information

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